Welcome to IUPUIDataWorks, a repository for preserving and sharing IUPUI digital research data. It is a place to make research data available for other researchers to find and use. IUPUIDataWorks is also a tool enabling researchers to meet funding agency requirements for data preservation and sharing.

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Recently Added

  • IUPUI University Library Center for Digital Scholarship (IUPUI University Library, 2018-10)
    The IUPUI Open Access Fund underwrites reasonable publication charges for articles published in fee-based, peer-reviewed journals that are openly accessible. This fund addresses changes in scholarly communications while ...
  • McCarthy, Katie (IUPUI University Library, 2018-09)
    This dataset includes results from the Professional Quality of Life 5 Scale. The study population included Resident Assistants at three universities in the state of Indiana, United States of America. This data is a subset ...
  • Gungor, Abdulmecit (IUPUI University Library, 2018-06)
    Authorship attribution is the process of identifying the author of a given text and from the machine learning perspective, it can be seen as a classification problem. To create the largest publicly available authorship ...
  • Ray, Brad; Watson, Dennis P.; Huynh, Philip; Ballew, Alfarena (2018-05)
    RESEARCH AIMS To accurately record the substances that are found within each overdose fatality that occurs in Marion County, Indiana. METHODS The toxicology data in this study come from the Marion County Coroner's ...
  • Bowen Center for Health Workforce Research & Policy

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