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  • This catalog describes protected data created by IUPUI scholars. These data are available for reuse with approval and a Data Use Agreement.
  • Data generated by IUPUI faculty, staff, and students.

Recently Added

  • Foster, Erin D.; Whipple, Elizabeth C.; Rios, Gabriel R. (2022-02-10)
    Background: To strengthen institutional research data management practices, the Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM) licensed an electronic lab notebook (ELN) to improve the organization, security, and shareability ...
  • Cunningham, Geneva Mari; Shen, Fei; Wu, Xi; Cantor, Erica L.; Gardner, Laura; Philips, Santosh; Jiang, Guanglong; Bales, Casey L.; Tan, Zhiyong; Liu, Yunlong; Wan, Jun; Fehrenbacher, Jill; Schneider, Bryan P. (IUPUI University Library, 2021-12-13)
    The data represent single and bulk RNA sequencing of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived sensory neurons (iPSC-dSN). Differential gene expression between the clusters of cells demonstrated the presence of mature ...
  • Badirli, Sarkhan; Picard, Christine J.; Mohler, George; Akata, Zeynep; Dundar, Murat (IUPUI University Library, 2021-10-19)
    Insects represent a large majority of biodiversity on Earth, yet so few species are described. Describing new species typically requires specific taxonomic expertise to identify morphological characters that distinguish ...
  • Dixon, Brian E.; Grannis, Shaun J.; Lembcke, Lauren R.; Roberts, Anna R.; Embi, Peter J. (IUPUI University Library, )
    Objective: In this study, we sought to examine trends in COVID-19 morbidity, hospitalization, and mortality over time for minority and rural populations in Indiana, especially during the U.S. fall surge. Methods: To analyze ...
  • Ren, Hongxia; Reilly, Austin M. (IUPUI University Library, )
    RESEARCH AIMS To test the hypothesis that high-fat diet fed mice with Insr deletion in GLUT4-expressing tissues have altered gene expression in the intestine compared with controls fed high-fat diet. METHODS RNA-seq ...

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