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Visualizing the topical coverage of an institutional repository using VOSviewer 376
Marion County Indiana Accidental Drug Overdose Toxicology Results 358
IUPUI University Library Subject Guide Usage Statistics (Fall 2012) 342
Information sharing networks of maternal caregivers for children with autism spectrum disorders 293
Geographical Data from Ida B. Wells' Tabulated Statistics of Lynchings in 1893 and 1894 287
Survey of Academic Librarian Attitudes about Open Access 287
Augmenting Indiana's Groundwater Level Monitoring Network: Optimal Siting of Additional Wells to Address Spatial and Categorical Sampling Gaps 267
Indiana Health Professions Dataset: Education Pipeline 214
Data for Medical Imaging Centers in Central Indiana: Optimal Location Allocation Analyses 212
Fifty Victorian Era Novelists Authorship Attribution Data 190

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